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Custom Digital Gift Cards with your Branding! Only $125 Setup. Ready in 24 Hours!

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What will the emailed Gift Card look like?

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What will the Purchaser's Receipt look like?

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For Business Owners

Let us know if you have other questions that aren't answered here. Thanks!

We are happy to ADD your Location?  Just let us know what Location your business belongs under.

There is a One Time setup fee of $125
The Gift Card Hosting fee is $10 per month.

There is a Gift Card Service Fee of 3.49% per transaction.  Your payment gateway fees from Paypal, Square or Stripe are separate.

You get a custom designed digital gift card with your logo and branding; placement of your Gift Card on the appropriate Location Page; a Gift Card Checkout page that you can market on social media, your own website or wherever.  You also get Monthly Transaction Reports for your records.

You get paid in full for every gift card sale, immediately. The Service fee does not come out of the gift card transaction between the purchaser and you. 

You will get a Monthly Gift Card Service Fee invoice for the 3.49% of your transactions. Your invoice is issued at the end of your monthly billing cycle, if it's accrued at least $5 USD in fees.  

Super Simple...
You can access the Redemption app from Desktop using the Web App OR download the Redemption App for use on your Tablet or Mobile Phone.  Open the App, enter your registered email address and the PIN we provide.  You can Fully Redeem, Partially Redeem or Add Funds to the Customer's card.

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Same Day Launch

We can have your gift card checkout page up and running within 24 hours, connected to YOUR payment gateway. It lives on and is to market on social media and linked to from your own website. Each purchase is connected to your own Paypal or Square payment account so the funds are available to you right away.

Gift Cards via Email Delivery

Digital gift cards can be sent immediately or  scheduled to be sent later by your Customer.  The Recipient then brings you the printed copy or digital copy on their phone for redemption with the Free Redemption App.

You scan or manually enter the unique code and your Gift Card System is automatically updated.

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Custom Designs with Your Brand

Our Setup Fee of $125 includes one custom designed gift card art with your branding & logo and personalization of your Checkout Process to match your Brand.

If you want to offer multiple designs, we can do that also for a minimal charge.

Service Fees

You can pass the Gift Card Service Fee (3.49%) to the Buyer and only pay your Payment Gateway Fees. Example, Paypal and Stripe are currently 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

There is a flat $10 Monthly Fee. That fee covers our management of your Gift Card System, the marketing of each Local Areas' Get Local Gift Cards on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more.  

Accept Gift Cards In Store…

Use the free app (Google Play & Apple) for in-store gift card validation & redemption.
It's super simple and you can use any device; your mobile, iPad or PC/Mac.

Including support for:

Partial-redemption supported out of the box

Scanning of gift cards

Top ups / balance checking

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